Shehla Ali

Shehla Ali holds a masters degree and is currently working as a Patient Care Officer at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan. Being a conscientious and passionate employee, she works diligently to accomplish organizational goals.

As a patient care officer, Shehla works hard to assist the care team in setting goals for quality assurance and best practices. She makes sure that the patients are getting the best care by monitoring their health care plan and overseeing that their needs are met in a time and cost-efficient manner. This includes educating them on the treatment and care requirements and monitoring delivery of care that meets organizations quality standards. To deliver her role effectively Shehla keeps abreast with the professional and technical knowledge required for the job.

Shehla brings with her four years of diversified experience which comes in handy when addressing different needs of all kind of patients who come to KKT. She has worked as a quality controller at System Limited for two years, a job that requires an attention to detail and a thorough approach which she is utilizing to her best of abilities in her current role.

Her work responsibilities as a call center agent at HTECH Solutions and at IBEX(Global) Warid trained her in case management and helped her to master the art of communication, making her the perfect fit for her role as a patient care manager. Excelling in customer service and increasing customer satisfaction, Shehla uses her expertise to deal with unique patient cases with a positive “can do” approach. In addition to this, Shehla has also worked as an Admin Assistant and Accountant which helped her polish her managerial skills.

Having the right combination of traits and qualifications acquired through experience enables her to demonstrate her wide range skill set and give best customer service in the noblest profession.


Posted on

October 23, 2017