An alarming message for everyone is that the heavy bags you carry are wrecking your shoulder and back muscles and can cause lower back pain. Yes, you are reading it right: the heavy handbags and backpacks you lug around everywhere lead to spinal pain. However, the pain in the beginning is unknowable, but eventually, it gets worse and causes your shoulder to roll forward and down, leading to postural scoliosis if left untreated. Furthermore, back pain itself is a challenge, an unpleasant feeling, and a torment that can ruin your lifestyle as well as your happiness. 

Handbags have become an accessory for women to keep their basics while leaving the home. They are also slung over the shoulder before going to the office or parties. However, men also tend to carry backpacks for trips and office use. However, the heavy weight of bags sometimes puts excessive strain on the back and shoulder, causing arm pain, numbness, and tingling in the hands. Therefore, if you are constantly complaining about back and shoulder pain, then your unhealthy heavy bag habits might be the reason. 

Here, we have pointed out ways to deal with your daily handbag and backpack routine to avoid damaging your overall spinal health.

Reduce The Heavy Load

Carrying a heavy bag can distribute the uneven weight on your shoulder and back muscles. It is advisable to lighten the load. The best way to do so is to reduce the weight to an extent where you don’t feel any noticeable strain from carrying it. 

Two-Sided Shoulder Straps

It is preferable not to use bags that can hang on one shoulder, as they throw off the spine’s alignment and cause stiffness and soreness in the shoulder and neck muscles. Backpacks are appropriate for daily use, as the two shoulder straps distribute weight evenly across the shoulders. It is recommended not to carry handbags on one shoulder for a longer time. Keep switching the sides to avoid the muscle stretch, or place the shoulder strap diagonally across the chest if the strap is long enough.

Avoid thin straps

Straps like chain links and thin straps can easily dig into your shoulder, causing muscle aches. A handbag with good, firm grips and additional padding helps to reduce the strain on your muscles. Even heavy backpacks with thin straps create shoulder blades and neck muscle issues and cause lower back pain. They put extra pressure on the nerves leading to the shoulder, affecting blood flow. 

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