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Mr. Jawad Qureshi

Founder and Former CEO

Mr. Jawad is the Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer of KKT Pakistan. His vision of bringing KKT; the latest non-surgical global innovations to Pakistan has helped hundreds of thousands of patients today live a pain free optimal life. He is an Experienced Startup Entrepreneur with a phenomenal track record. Seasoned Chief Executive & Marketing Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Technology and Healthcare sector. An expert in startup a new company and executing supernova growth. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Customer Service, Sales, and Strategic Planning. Strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Marketing/Marketing Management, General from New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Col. (R) Dr. Abid Siddiqui


Dr. Abid is the President of KKT Pakistan. He possesses great leadership skills with particular interests in administration..He served Pakistan Army for quite a long time. He completed his MBA from Preston University, USA and earned an MPhil Degree in Total Quality Management from Punjab University. At the same time, the burning desire in him to always experience something new made him keep forwarding in his life and carrying out different roles. He is passionate about working to educate people about spinal problems.


Dr. M. Numan Zakria


Dr. Numan is an asset to Pakistan's healthcare community. He is one of the few healthcare leaders with integrated professional degrees in health administration, human resource management, hospital management, MBA and an MBBS degree. His dynamic and versatile exposure to different facets of healthcare management makes him one of the most remarkable team players of KKT. Dr. Numan has gained the trust and respect from his peers and colleagues as a result of his grand professionalism, notable knowledge, and impressive management skills.


Mr. Akmal Imdad Shaikh


Mr. Akmal Imdad Sheikh is a dynamic, result driven entrepreneur with a proven track record of creating, building, and enhancing start-up companies and accelerating the companies to become national and international market leaders in world financial domains. He has a particular strength to work under tight time constraints and resources. He is a conscious strategic leader who possesses strong ability to manage projects from planning to execution.


Mr. Adnan Wahab


Mr. Adnan is a mature, dynamic, visionary entrepreneur with 20 years professional standing with National & Multinational companies brave decision maker who loves to take new initiative, challenges and risk. He is always ready to cope with changing, competitive corporate world and believed in getting business results through tactical move and strategic plan. He has been providing his services to KKT Pakistan in business growth strategies, process re-engineering, digitalization and operational excellence since January’16.

Mr. Irfan Hanif


An intuitive Entrepreneur, a skilled Business Executive and a qualified HR Officer. Mr. Irfan has completed an MBA in Human Resource and possesses a vast range of experience in his field as he started his professional journey at a very young age. With all the overwhelming success coming his way, Mr. Irfan hoped to channel it towards a humanitarian cause and utilize his efforts for the Pakistani society. In 2012, he joined Mr. Jawad with his new venture of KKT Orthopedic Spine Center to provide one of the most ethical medical services in Pakistan. He became the first franchisee in Islamabad and later acquired a couple of more franchises for KKT. 


 Dr. Afzal Hussain

Chief Consultant - LHR

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr. Imran Nausher

Consultant - FSD

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr. Irshad Bhutto

Consultant - HYD

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr. Fozia Somroo

Consultant - KHI


Dr. Shoaib Anwar

Consultant - LHR

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr. Raja Adnan

Consultant - RWP

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr. Kamran

Consultant - RWP

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr. Arif Kaleem

Consultant - PEW

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr. Irshad Kashif

Consultant - MTN

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr Fahad

Consultant - LHR

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Dr. Saleem Bashir

Consultant - LHR

MBBS, FCPS (Ortho)

Tanawash Ali

Treatment Doctor - PSH

Huma Khan

Treatment Doctor - PSH

Dr. Pooja

Treatment Doctor - KHI

Dr. Shahjahan

Treatment Doctor - PSH

Dr. Maryam Razzaq

Treatment Doctor - MTN

Dr. Sana Altaf

Treatment Doctor - MTN

Dr. Rida Zainab

Treatment Doctor - MTN

Dr. Sidra Shaban

Treatment Doctor - MTN

Dr. Nida Gillani

Treatment Doctor - RWP

Dr. Abbeha Imran

Treatment Doctor - RWP

Dr. Saadia Rana

Treatment Doctor - LHR

Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed

Treatment Doctor - FSD

Dr. Hafiz M. Bilal

Physiotherapist - LHR

Dr. Sidra Subhan

Physiotherapist - MTN

Dr. Muhammad Dawood Ali

Physiotherapist - FSD

Dr. Chandni Zaib

Physiotherapist - MTN

Dr. Azra

Physiotherapist - HYD

Dr. Ayesha

Physiotherapist - KHI

Dr. GulSanga

Physiotherapist - PSH

Dr. Fatima Bashir

Physiotherapist - LHR

Dr Ammara

Physiotherapist - RWP

Dr. Noor Ajaz

Physiotherapist - FSD

Dr. Sahar Rubab Babar

Physiotherapist - FSD

Dr. Ayesha Javed

Physiotherapist - LHR

Dr Nadia Latif

Physiotherapist - MTN

Dr Noor Ul Huda

Physiotherapist - MTN


Sundas Shafiq

Patient Management Advocate - FSD

Lubna Khattak

Patient Management Advocate - PSH

Shumaila Zulfiqar

Patient Management Advocate - MTN

Azba Naz

Patient Management Advocate - MTN

Dr Laraib Fatima

Patient Management Advocate - RWP

Momina Fatima

Imaging Technologist - LHR

Shabbir Ahmad

Imaging Technologist - LHR


Imaging Technologist - RWP

Aqsa Arshad

Imaging Technologist - FSD

Ahmed Raza

Imaging Technologist - MTN

Mohsin Raza

Imaging Technologist - HYD

Khalil Ullah Shah

Imaging Technologist - PSH

Muhammad Salman Ali

Imaging Technologist - FSD

Waleed Ahmad

Front Desk Officer - LHR

Nida Nasir

Front Desk Officer - FSD

Amjad Ashraf

Front Desk Officer - LHR

Umar Ayub

Cashier - LHR

Aqsa Bibi

Cashier - RWP

Muhammad Ali

Cashier - LHR

Aroosha Gillani

Front Desk Officer -

Syed Faizan Ali

Cashier - PSH

Saba Khan

Front Desk Officer - MTN 

Aila Saleem

Cashier - MTN


Front Desk Officer - PSH

Warda Jamal

Patient Care Rep  - LHR

KKT Orthopedic Spine center offers a revolutionary non-surgical treatment option for victims of back pain and neck pain. 

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