Sadia Salman

Sadia Salman is a compassionate patient management advocate at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan, who tries to achieve the best possible outcomes for her patients by providing them with a tailored and highly effective approach that is in line with her goals and the goal of the organization.

Sadia works with patients to help them with issues pertaining to healthcare. This can include a range of concerns from information regarding the treatment to explaining the costs for procedures as well as providing therapeutic communications and patient education.

The concept of patient management advocate is relatively new in Pakistan but patients at KKT are readily embracing it because of the convenience it can provide. As a patient management, Sadia looks after the interest of the patients and acts as a spokesperson for them. Patients have appreciated her support and are of the opinion that it is a blessing to be able to count on someone when dealing with the illness itself can be quite overwhelming. They find it much easier to have someone as a supporter who can help them navigate through the complexities of health care system.

Sadia’s role is basically that of a facilitator. To be a good facilitator in health matters, personality traits such as being empathetic and having a caring attitude play a huge role. Sadia understands this fully therefore she uses her interpersonal skills to develop a rapport with patients so that they can trust her with their needs. Understanding the needs however is not enough, as a patient management advocate these needs require to be communicated to the heath care givers and then have to be explained to the patients, so an effective flow of information, good co-ordination and public speaking skills are essential.

Sadia’s problem-solving approach makes her good at decision making when it comes to finding the best medical care solution for patients. Her job responsibilities include ensuring that patients get the attention they require. Sadia oversees the medical care being given and makes sure that patients understand the treatment options and processes. She keeps the patient’s medical history and prescriptions up to date and keeps track of health care needs and follow ups. As part of KKT’s mantra to have a healthy lifestyle she also helps patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As the nature of the job has a technical and medical nature someone who understands the medical processes is important. Sadia did her B. Pharmacy from Punjab University before going on to do her MS (Total Quality Management) from the same university. Sadia did Clinical Research Certified Professional (CRCP) from Dow University of Health Sciences.

To build on her education, Sadia went on to do several internships that include internship in hospital pharmacy at Shaikh Zayed Hospital, in industrial pharmacy at Consolidated Chemicals Limited and in retail pharmacy at Zaka Pharmacy. She also did an internship as a clinical research associate (iCRA)at Dimension Research.

Her work experience includes working for a year as a Pharmacy Manager (Retail) at Zaka Pharmacy where she gained experience handling prescriptions and did patient counseling as well as inventory management. After that she went on to work in Consolidated Chemicals Limited as a quality officer –Stability Testing. Here she was responsible for industrial stability testing.

Having a healthcare background, Sadia has an understanding of the medical processes which makes her job easier. The job at times can be an emotionally taxing but Sadia believes that the reward of contributing to someone’s life in a positive manner transcends that. Together with her training and her talents, she is working to bring betterment in the lives of people and thus contributing to KKT’s aim of providing exceptional health care.


Posted on

October 23, 2017