Saira Shahzad

Saira Shahzad is a high-tech, hands-on imaging professional at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan. She uses her expertise and knowledge of medical imaging to contribute to KKT’s mission of maintaining high standards by providing accurate imaging. This helps in providing patients with the best quality care that they deserve.

Saira has done her BSC in Radiology from Zia-ud-din-University. She has two years of work experience at the Help NGO Zamzama Karachi and she served for six months at the Hilal –e-Ahmar hospital.

As an Imaging Technologist at KKT, Saira is responsible for using specialized equipment to take X-rays and ultrasounds for diagnostic evaluation, in order to monitor and treat certain ailments. Being a qualified expert, she decides on the accuracy and quality of images taken. Her duties include setting up specialized equipment, monitoring the status of radiation processes and performing radiation processes on patients.

Her role requires working in conjunction with doctors and other medical professionals, hence being good at interpersonal communication becomes a requirement. While taking care of running the radiation equipment, Saira remains on top of things by establishing a good coordination with other team members and maintaining patient records as well. This ensures a harmonious relationship with the concerned staff and an optimal work environment.

Having strong communication skills, Saira is very compassionate when it comes to handling patients. It is part of her job to document patient’s clinical history and guide them before the process starts. Saira makes sure that she puts the patients at ease before they undertake the procedure and listens to all their queries about the imaging process with patience. Her job is not finished when the process is done but she also follows up on patients with medical professionals.

Her role demands the use of logical, critical thinking, and reasoning, as well as professional expertise to handle the everyday challenges it brings and Saira, does that to the best of her abilities.

By providing services to patients and physicians with the help of diagnostic images, Saira provides excellent services, keeping in line with KKT’s standards of excellence. Treating patients with respect and compassion, she makes a positive contribution to KKT. KKT focuses on customer satisfaction and that is what Saira helps us achieve in her role as an Imaging Technologist.


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October 23, 2017