Saman Babar Siddiqui

Saman holds a BS Psychology degree from the Karachi University and is currently working as a Patient Management Advocate at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan.

Saman is serving as the voice of patients at KKT, helping them get answers from their care providers and ensuring that they receive optimum medical care. She also advocates healthy lifestyle behaviors for patients and works with them to help them adapt to a more active lifestyle. As her role comes with the responsibility of acting as a bridge between the patients and the medical care staff; hence the services she provides are abundant.

Having a degree in psychology gives her an edge to interact with patients in a better way. Saman understands the variability of patient needs in healthcare and provides personalized service to every patient according to each one’s wishes and requirements.

Her short but worthwhile internship in Department of Psychiatry at Liaquat National Hospital gave her first-hand experience in dealing with patients in an effective manner which enables her to offer exceptional navigational support to KKT patients.

She is well versed in medical care and is polishing her skills further by working with honorable doctors like Mr. Jhangir Shah.

In addition to this, Saman has also worked with Youth Affairs Department, Government of Sindh and has two years of experience as Vice President in Creative Department working in Social Awareness Society in the University Of Karachi.

Saman spent two years as Manager of Feminine Saloon And Spa for women. She brings her managerial skills and expertise to the table when it comes to working as a team. Saman uses her comprehension of psychology to enhance the patient’s psychological well being by means of a more patient-centered and comprehensive team-based approach.

Saman is playing a crucial role in adding value to the organization and is helping KKT towards the goal of having a more consumer-based approach and becoming a value-based model in health care.


Posted on

October 23, 2017