Knee pain is a common complaint among people of all ages. With osteoarthritis knee exercises or physical activity should be a part of your life routine. There are various exercises that can help improve the pain. But with knee arthritis, various exercises should also be avoided. Low impact exercises are beneficial but some exercises can put a strain on your joints. Hence, worsening the condition. In order to safely exercise for arthritic knee, seek the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist. This article consists of a number of knee exercises to avoid.

Knee Arthritis: Exercises to Avoid!

What exercises are bad for the arthritic knee? Any type of exercise that puts excessive pressure on your joints can increase inflammation. Following are some osteoarthritis exercises to avoid:

  • Deep Lunge
  • Weightlifting
  • Deep Squats or jump squats
  • Including any movements that involve turning directions quickly

Deep Lunge:

Lunges play an important role in strengthening your legs and hips. But if practiced incorrectly, they can result in pain. The deep lunge is basically a single-leg squat that can put excessive stress on your knees. However, with knee arthritis maintaining is a proper posture is difficult. If done incorrectly, it can damage the knee cartilage.


For strengthening exercises sometimes weightlifting is involved. But you shouldn’t practice it without professional supervision. As they can put a strain on your joints, or knees.

Deep Squats or Jump Squat:

Squats including both deep and jump squats can be useful for various people. But when it comes to knee arthritis patients, they can be really harmful. They exert excessive pressure on the knee and can result in a tear.


Physical activity and stretching exercises for osteoarthritis can be beneficial and are essential for joint and bone health as well as for arthritis patients. But exercises that involve over-use of joints or quick turning should be avoided. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, consult a specialist. If you want to learn more about tips for exercising with arthritis, click here.

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