Exercises play a vital role for people with arthritis. Many doctors suggest exercises to their patients with osteoarthritis. Exercises increase flexibility and strength hence reducing joint pain. They are crucial in strengthening the muscles supporting joints. Following are some of the benefits of exercising with osteoarthritis:

  1. Helps manage weight
  2. Reduce or relieve joint pain
  3. Increase strength and flexibility
  4. Boosts your mood and quality of life
  5. Keeps you active and builds up self-esteem
  6. Strengthens the muscles surrounding joints

Start exercising with Osteoarthritis:

Managing degenerative wear and tear disease requires increased physical activity. Exercises improve the overall health of the joints and also helps in managing weight. For patients with osteoarthritis, certain physical exercises can be tricky. This is why one should consult a specialist first. Following are some tips for exercising with osteoarthritis:

  1. First and foremost, Consult a specialist
  2. Start with some warm-up exercises
  3. Then, choose some low impact workouts
  4. You can also go swimming
  5. Keep the workouts short but frequent
  6. Increase the range of motion as long as it’s painless.

Exercising with Osteoarthritis:

1. Consult a specialist:

In order to start exercising with osteoarthritis, consult a specialist. A physiotherapist will advise you on exercises based on your body mechanics and arthritis condition. Researches show that people with osteoarthritis should exercise more. In fact, according to Arthritis Foundation, exercise is considered highly effective for arthritis.

2. Warm Up:

Warming up before diving into the workout is an essential step for everyone especially crucial for patients with osteoarthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, setting small goals is the key. Walking is a simple and easy exercise and it comes with a lot of benefits. One of the major benefits of walking is improved blood circulation.

3. Low-Impact Workouts:

Start with some low-impact exercises and gradually build up towards high-impact workouts. For someone with joint disease, high-impact exercises aren’t the best option. Low impact exercises include swimming, strengthening workouts and cycling, etc. Aerobic exercises with low impact also don’t put stress on your joints. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), choose S.M.A.R.T. workout: –

  • Start low
  • Modify your activities depending on your condition
  • Activities must be easy and friendly for the joint
  • Recognize ways to stay active
  • Talk with a specialist regarding your workouts

4. Swimming or water exercises:

Swimming and aquatic exercises have various benefits for people with osteoarthritis. Water puts lesser stress on your joints and more resistance on your muscles. Water’s buoyancy also supports your body weight.

5. Short but Frequent:

Short exercises are easier to fit into the daily routine. For osteoarthritis patients, short exercises put lesser stress on the joints. Longer sessions can be very uncomfortable. Keep your exercise sessions short but frequent.

6. Increasing the range of motion:

It is very important to stop or avoid exercises that induce pain. Increase your range of motion till it’s pain-free. Bend your knees or hips as far as you can bend without feeling pain. Keep up with the shorter range of motion.

When to seek medical attention:

Exercises play a vital role in reducing weight and strengthening the joints. Osteoarthritis is a joint-related disease that gets worse with time.

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