Neck pain is quite an uncomfortable condition. Working, driving, eating and sleeping becomes super difficult and frustration is the end result. We have all suffered from neck pain at some point in our life. Lets identify some of the reasons that is causing neck pain:


1- You are using the wrong pillow.


Neck Pain Reasons Pillow

Sleeping comfortably means that your neck is properly supported. The height of your pillow should not be high or low, so that when you wake up you feel well rested and ready to get on with the day.


2- You are stressed.


Neck Pain Reasons Stress

One thing that we all fail to realize is that stress can have a very strong impact on our body physically and emotionally. When you are stressed you feel pain in your shoulders and neck and start losing weight. As your anxiety builds up you feel that your neck becomes stiff. Try breathing exercises, yoga and meditation to feel at ease.


3- Suffering from text neck.


Neck Pain Reasons Text Neck

Your neck muscles, tendons and ligaments are forced forward when you text causing a strain. Texting 24/7 is a very unhealthy habit and you need to get rid of it, the sooner the better. You will start noticing positive changes.


4- An injury.


Neck Pain Reasons Injury

Repeatedly turning your head from side to side in any activity can cause an injury and eventually pain. Try learning the activity first and then proceed with it.


5- An Infection.


Neck Pain Reasons Infection

An infection can be one of the many reasons that you are suffering from neck pain. The infection can make your neck sore and swell it up.


6- Spinal disease.


Neck Pain Reasons Spinal Disease

Spinal diseases are connected with you neck and back. So if you are encountered with a spinal disease you will start feeling pain in your neck which is quite unpleasant and you need to book your appointment straight away!


7- Slip Disc.


Neck Pain Reasons Slip Disc

Slipped disc can be the consequence of an injury or trauma faced by your neck. Due to a slipped disc your spinal cord is pressured ultimately resulting in a stiff neck.


8- Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Neck Pain Reasons Ankylosing Spondylitis

It is a type of arthritis that affects the joints of your spine and this also results in back and neck pain.


9- Whiplash.


Neck Pain Reasons Whiplash

This condition is mainly caused by car accidents, in which your head moves forward and backward, damaging your neck. It is essential for you too keep your neck mobile for few weeks to minimize further damage.


10- Bad posture at work.


Neck Pain Reasons Bad Posture

People think that their bad posture is affecting their back, but it is also increasing pain in their neck. Sit straight and focus on your posture.


When to See a Doctor?


If you have identified your neck pain problems, your neck hurts, then there is an immediate need to see a doctor. Long term pain is another condition to ponder on. And if this neck pain is accompanied by headache, then you surely need the consultancy of an expert doctor.

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