More than 80% of the people will experience the effects of lower back pain sooner or later in their lives. Lower back pain is a typical issue at workplaces and is a typical complaint making many individuals miss their work and not being able to partake in day to day life tasks. Now and then such pain is expected to a pulled or strained muscle and commonly won’t require a visit to your specialist’s office. Different issues, for example, tumors, bone fractures and diseases of the spine are intense and should be assessed by a doctor expeditiously.

On and off the pain might vanish after some time and not consulting a doctor in that case would be okay. However, there are certain conditions that require attention if they are accompanied with the back pain.

Patients ought to see a specialist quickly in the event that they encounter pain in lower back resulting from a serious injury. Patients ought to likewise make a meeting with a specialist if low back pain is joined by any of the accompanying: progressive leg weakness, fever, numb feeling in parts of body, individual history of malignancy, loss of bladder control or irregular bowl movement, genuine injury or trauma, spontaneous weight reduction, prolonged back pain that continues over a month and a half, or serious pain particularly at night.

Progressive Leg Weakness

Progressive weakness in lower limbs and feet can be indicative of cauda equine syndrome. One may also feel weakness in hips, buttocks or genital areas. Cauda equine syndrome is a disease caused due to a spinal injury, a spinal condition or an infection that compresses nerve sac in lumbar spine. Or Sciatica-pain caused by sciatic nerve irritation. Root cause can be a compressed nerve root in the lumbar spine. Either of these require immediate attention.

Fever and Back Ache

Fever consolidated with back ache can show a contamination in your kidneys or back. An essential care doctor can figure out whether you require antitoxins to dispense with the contamination. Or is the pain related with some back bone problem.

Loss of Control of Bladder

On the off chance that you have back ache alongside new incontinence e.g. bowel incontinence, you could have a genuine back condition bringing on weight on the nerves that requires prompt therapeutic care.

Genuine Trauma

Injury, for example, an auto crash or tumbling down a flight of stairs can bring about a break in your back. Look for quick care from your doctor or the emergency office.

Deadness or Tingling in Leg

Deadness on shivering in your leg and back agony could show nerve disturbance or nerve harm. You could have a herniated plate or spinal stenosis. A specialist can recommend meds, medicines or even surgery to help assuage the weight on the nerves.

Unexplained Weight Reduction and Back Ache

In the event that you lose a ton of weight without changing your eating regimen or activity level and have back pain, a specialist ought to request imaging and blood work to check for diseases or hormonal issue. Particularly adult patients who lose weight quickly for example more than five pounds a week and if this happens for more than five to six weeks, or lose appetite for their favorite items should consult a doctor immediately since that can be an indication to some very serious diseases like spine cancer.

Worsening Neurological Signs

If you encounter neurological indications (side effects identifying with your sensory system) in your legs that keep on getting more awful, it might be an indication that genuine harm has struck your sciatic nerve. These compounding indications can incorporate tingling sensations, shivering and even numbness.

Back Pain at Night

Torment in your back that causes you to lose rest ought not be expelled. This could be an indication of spinal tumors or even sciatica.

History of Cancer and New Back Pain

If you have had malignant growth, onset of back ache could be an indication that malignancy has spread to your spine. You ought to visit your doctor for further assessment.

Back Pain Longing More than a Month

Any ache that keeps going over a month or two ought to be assessed all the more completely.

In the event that you encounter critical injury with back pain, an assessment in the Emergency Department is carried out. In most different cases, your primary care doctor can assess your condition and start treatment. If he or she can’t assist with your condition they can allude you to a spine specialist.

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