We encourage our patients to be fully informed about KKT Pakistan before they decide on their treatment with us. That’s why we are here to address all the queries that have been repeatedly asked by our patients. Let’s begin!

KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan

KKT (Khan Kinetic Treatment) Pakistan offers a revolutionary non-surgical medical treatment for victims of spine related pain. KKT technology’s efficacy for addressing underlying spinal conditions and over 92,000 successful treatments, KKT Pakistan stands alone as being the number one international standards based healthcare system that helps in realigning the spine and returning the body back to its normal position. 

Our Advanced Canadian Technology

KKT device employs unique and personalized sound waves (quantum acoustic waves) frequency that travels through the spine. It enables the rotation of vertebrae to eliminate the pain by re-aligning spinal vertebrae back to its normal symmetrical positions. Moreover, it allows muscles, ligaments and nerves which have been abnormally positioned, to return to their normal position. Moreover, the Quantum Acoustic Waves stimulates the spinal tissues regeneration and prevent long term degeneration.

Conditions Treated at KKT

KKT Spine Center’s non-surgical treatment option addresses the spinal ailments from the more common to the most complex. Therefore, KKT offers treatment for broad range of spinal conditions that includes Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica,Slipped Disk, Osteoarthritis,Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Cervicogenic Headache, Cervical Stenosis, Rotator Cuff Injury,Thoracic Stenosis, Whiplash, Lumbar Stenosis,Spondylitis, Spondylosis, Scoliosis and Kyphosis. 

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Effectiveness of KKT Treatment

KKT treatment is very effective in terms of its healing results. It restores proper biomechanics of the spine by shifting the vertebrae to their normal pivoting point. Consequently, it helps to maintain equal pressure on all sides of the disk and prevents tearing, rupturing and degeneration as well as displacement of the disk material to any one side.

Side Effects of KKT Treatment

Unlike medicines and surgery, KKT Treatment has no side effects. This is the beauty of the advanced technology that KKT utilizes. Anyone can enjoy the benefits without any negative impact as KKT non-invasive procedure is painless and scar free.

KKT Treatment Cost

KKT Pakistan treats the victims of spinal ailments with advanced Canadian technology that is completely a non-invasive procedure. When a patient decides to visit KKT Center, he or she undergoes four steps of our treatment process i.e., consultation, diagnostics, treatment plan and exam and wellness.

Our consultation charges are 3000/- PKR, whereas the rest of the treatment charges are dependent upon the treatment type. Besides that, our treatment plan comprises of multiple sessions that varies patient to patient. However the good news for KKT patients is that they don’t have to bear the medicines charges for the rest of their lives.   

Financial Assistance

Yes, we do provide about 20-80% financial assistance to needy patients and we don’t hesitate from providing free treatment to deserving patients.

Despite reasonable KKT treatment cost, we do believe it is not affordable by many. Regardless of suffering from severe spinal disorders like back pain, neck pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis and slipped disk etc., these patients hesitate to get a KKT treatment. We at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center believes that every patient has the right to live a healthy and pain-free life and therefore no patient has been held back from getting treated with KKT for financial issues. 

Location of KKT Centers

International Presence

Within the last two decades, KKT Orthopedic Spine Center has attained an international recognition. Currently KKT has 26 pain treatment centers in 13 overseas countries including Canada, Pakistan, UAE, Mauritius, Kuwait, Germany, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, China, Taiwan, Oman and Saudi Arabia. 

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KKT Pakistan

Keeping our patient’s comfort in mind, KKT Pakistan has operationalized its eight centers across seven cities.The centers are designed with state-of-the-art technology and is staffed with highly skilled experts to address the spinal health needs of our valued patients. Our 8 centers are KKT Lahore (JT/ DHA), KKT Islamabad, KKT Rawalpindi, KKT Peshawar, KKT Multan, KKT Hyderabad and KKT Karachi.

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For more information about KKT Orthopedic Spine Center, its specialists and any additional questions, please contact us at: 0800-00-558