Whiplash Treatment

Neck pain from whiplash is commonly caused by a road traffic accident or from any sudden fall or accident involving jerking of the head. The neck pain after it may last as little as a few hours or persist for the rest of your life depending upon severity of the accident and how early the treatment is obtained. Neck pain is really troublesome making simplest tasks, such as looking over your shoulder during driving, difficult.


Causes of Whiplash

The common causes of Whiplash include road traffic accident or sudden falls. The neck is designed primarily to maintain support for head and give enough flexibility to look up and down and to right and left. The neck cannot withstand the high speed forces from road traffic accidents or any sudden fall or accident involving jerking of the head. During an accident and fall neck experiences sudden twisting and jolting and the extreme forces of the accident causes the vertebrae in the neck to be pushed away from each other and then immediately slam into each other.

This can cause damage to all the structures of the neck such as the bone, the discs between the bones, the ligaments holding them together, the muscles wrapped around the neck and even the nerve roots that exit the spine. Damage to these structures is usually the cause of neck pain. In many cases the blood vessels of the neck may also be damaged and this can cause headaches and other mental impairments.


Signs and Symptoms of Whiplash

The signs and symptoms of whiplash are not limited to neck pain stiffness or tenderness. Often the damage extends to other areas of the body and affected individual may feel pain in other areas to. Additional signs and symptoms may include back pain, stiffness or tenderness, shoulder pain, stiffness or tenderness, dizziness, memory Loss, concentration impairment, nervousness or irritability, sleep disturbance, fatigue, depression and ringing in the ears (Tinnitus).

KKT Diagnosis

If you are having any symptoms of Whiplash, it is important to schedule an appointment with one of our Canadian Certified KKT Orthopedic Surgeons right away. One of the biggest factors in the progression of the disease is delaying its proper diagnosis and treatment. KKT diagnosis starts with detail history, physical evaluation and 3D Spine Xrays. In order to get to a appropriate diagnosis, your Canadian Certified KKT Orthopedic Surgeon may ask some other Xrays, blood tests and MRI.

KKT Treatment

KKT utilizes “Quantum Waves” which can gently restore the asymmetrical spine back to its original position. This will allow many of the muscles, ligaments and nerves which have been abnormally positions, due to the shift of spine because of injury, to return to their normal positions eliminating the neck pain. Scientific studies, recently presented in the World Spine Forum, have shown that “Quantum Waves” can also stimulate spinal tissues regeneration and prevent long term degeneration. Currently there is no other effective and evidence based treatment modality which can provide such benefits.

KKT treatment has gone through the thorough trials of careful and systematic research and clinical studies to provide proven and lasting results to deal with signs and symptoms of Whiplash. The success of the KKT Treatment lies in the fact that KKT utilizes patented and sophisticated technology which can address the underlying cause of the pain, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

If you feel you are suffering from Whiplash book your appointment today to avail the best non-invasive solution.


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