Cervicogenic Headaches Treatment

The pain which originates in the neck and then spreads to the ocular frontal-temporal areas of the head is known as cervicogenic headache. A headache initially presents in episodic pattern and then progresses to an almost continuous pain and may be triggered or exacerbated by neck movements.

Cervicogenic Headache Causes

One of the most important causes of a cervicogenic headache is an excessive amount of stress to your neck and spine. There are several factors that can contribute to the disease including fatigue, disturbed and uncomfortable sleep, intervertebral disc problems, current or old injuries to the spine, poor work and home ergonomics.

Symptoms of Cervicogenic Headaches

A steady, non-throbbing pain at the back and base of the skull, sometimes extending down to the neck and between the shoulder blades is the common symptom of cervicogenic headache. The pain can also be felt behind the brows and forehead. Pain usually starts after a sudden jerky neck movement, such as during a sneeze. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, becoming very sensitive to light or sounds and pain radiating down to one or both arms along with head and neck pain. The neck also becomes very stiff and the patient may have reduced neck range of motion.

KKT Diagnosis

The workup of cervicogenic headache at KKT begins with a careful history taking and physical examination and 3D radiographs. The Canadian Certified KKT Orthopedic Surgeon may also ask for 3-dimensional CT, MRI, and possibly electromyography and certain blood tests to confirm the diagnosis.

KKT Treatment

KKT treatment is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment option for victims of cervicogenic headaches. KKT addresses the root cause of the disease and gives a definite solution to the affected individuals. As these headaches arise from vertebral misalignment of the upper part of the neck in most of the cases, restoring the alignment by KKT treatment eliminates the pain and gives the patients optimum levels of health. KKT treatment revolves around gaining the overall wellbeing as it not only treats the disease but also put emphasis on following individualized exercise program and having a healthy life style including using a supportive and comfortable pillow and mattress.

If you feel you are suffering from Cervicogenic Headaches book your appointment today to avail the best non-invasive solution.


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