Lower Back Pain

Lower back is the area of lumbar spine. The pain in this region can arise due to muscle sprains or strains and in severe cases a herniated disc. For the relief of usual lower back pain following exercises can be done, some without and others with supervision, however in severe cases, expert advice should be sought.

Exercises for the Relief of Lower Back Pain

  • Pilates: Pilates is the form of exercise which is focused on controlling the movement as well as the breathing while stretching your body. It helps to reduce pain. It is an exercise with low impact, it helps to strengthen the muscles of the lower back.
  • Yoga: Yoga helps to improve the functions of the muscles in the lower back. These specific poses of yoga provide strength training to the activated group of muscles, it is a strengthening and soothing experience. Over time a person experiences increase in the vitality of the body generally.
  • Walking: Walking is especially effective in relieving lower back pain and is also easy to do. Moderate paced walk for 20 minutes is a good idea given its done regularly. If any of the given exercises are hard to perform than walking is the easiest way to keep your lower back healthy and functional. Prolonged walking, however, is not advised as it can put the strain on the lower back.
  • Movement Control Exercises: In these exercises, certain group of muscles related to the lumbar spine are activated and correct usage of these muscles are taught to the patient, for example, correct and incorrect drawing in of the abdomen. Patients are taught functional motor control where exercises are carried out with tonic control of the muscles at the core.
  • Technology Supported Exercise Therapy: It is performed using electromyography feedback. Lower back is especially relieved in terms of pain and disability.
  • MDT: Mckenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is used to assess the patients and then specific exercises are prescribed to the patients in terms of adopting certain postures and avoiding certain postures.
  • Other Exercises:

Partial crunches

Hamstring stretches

Press up back extensions

Pelvic tilts

Glute Bridges

Aerobic exercises

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