What is meant by sciatica?

The sciatica is the name of the nerve which due to spinal issues or injury can become affected and this results in extreme levels of pain which can become unbearable. The path of sciatic nerve is from the lower back through to hips and buttocks and down each leg. Typically, the pain of sciatica is on one side of the body.

What kind of exercises should be done in sciatica?

The exercises which rotate the hip externally provide relief. These exercises are to be added in daily routine along with walking, swimming etc.

Exercises for relief of sciatica pain:

The following exercises have shown to produce positive physical and mental effects on patients of sciatica:

  • Sensomotoric Exercise 1:
  • Maintain a quadruped position to keep lumbar region neutral and induce contraction of multifidus and transverse abdominis
  • Then trigger retroversion of pelvis and slightly push a ball
  • Bridge 1:
  • Flex the knee joint to 90 degrees
  • Get into prone position
  • Place both hands on the abdomen
  • Maintain neutral position of lumbar region
  • Raise the pelvis from the floor
  • Sensomotoric Exercise 2:
  • Induce contraction of multifidus and transverse abdominis
  • Keep lumbar region neutral in a quadruped position
  • Trigger retroversion of pelvis
  • Slightly raise both knees
  • Bridge 2:
  • Completely flex one knee and hip joint
  • Keep them towards chest
  • Hold the other knee with both hands
  • Lie down in supine position
  • Neutralize the lumbar region
  • Raise the pelvis from the floor with flexed knee and hip joint
  • Exercise 5:
  • Raise the opposite arm and leg in quadruped position
  • Now slowly raise the opposite arm and leg maintaining the neutrality of lumbar region

For the above exercises, maintain respiration for 6 s then take rest for 10 s. Repeat this motion 15 times. Repeat these exercises in circular form for 3 sets. Initially the exercises are to be performed under therapist supervision as he/ she will evaluate the safe range of motion.

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