M. Sajid Awan

Mr. Sajid Awan is a dedicated administrative manager at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan, Karachi branch, who brings a unique skill set to the KKT administration team. He plays a vital role in the planning, organizing and implementing of administrative systems. Having good analytical, financial and interpersonal skills, he is able to run the day to day operations in an efficient manner.

A healthcare center’s administrative needs are wide-ranging and complex. Mr.Awan understands this and is able to handle the everyday challenges with the care his role requires. His daily duties can be varied and at times unpredictable, but he is able to manage shifting priorities with ease.

His role requires being vigilant and organized in order to oversee the support operations at KKT and Mr. Awan is always attentive and up to date with developments taking place in the organization. He is a good multi-tasker who is comfortable at managing finances, handling accounts and budgets as well as taking care of some of the human resource tasks. Mr.Awan’s calm demeanor and critical thinking make him a great help in conflict situations.

With excellent interpersonal skills, he is able to work smoothly with employees at all levels. He ensures that information flow is effective among different departments. He consults with medical staff on their administrative needs. This entails making sure that the physical facilities and medical equipment are well-maintained so that there is no compromise on the quality of healthcare being given at KKT.

Mr. Awan worked at Karachi Port Qasim Authority (Govt) for two years where he polished his supervising and administrative skills. He spent sixteen years in Saudi Arabia where he gained expertise in the electrical administrative area.

With years of experience, Mr.Awan has professional and technical knowledge of the work required at KKT and makes for a strong administrative manager. Mr. Awan makes a valuable contribution to the KKT team in getting goals accomplished on a day to day basis and also on a larger scale.


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October 23, 2017