In this blog, we will get to know how spine problems are the reason for joint pain. Any misalignment in spinal facet joints can cause joint pain. Nerves join the spine and knees. The nerves surrounding the knees are attached to the nerves in your lower back. The disc between these vertebrae can bulge out and compress nerves, further creating complications. 

How do you know if joint pain is causing your back pain?

Conditions like swollen joints or morning stiffness can be a sign that your joint pain is from conditions that affect nerves surrounding your lower back rather than muscle strain. 

When any of the nerves in the second, third, and fourth vertebral levels become irritated or damaged, referred pain will often be felt in the knee. 

Here are four indications that your knee pain is coming from your spinal condition:

  • When you have knee pain and back pain.
  • When you have tightness in your hamstring
  • When you have hip or quadricep weakness

Treatment and Management of knee pain

If you are experiencing knee pain it is important to examine the true cause of this pain before diagnosis. If you are experiencing knee pain too often it is not an issue but a symptom of a problem elsewhere. 

Here are some tips for pain management

  1. Correct posture: Correct your posture by keeping your back, hips, and feet aligned it will keep the pressure off the nerves,  and stabilize your lower body. 
  2. Self-care: Keeping a healthy weight, being physically active, and performing some stretches and exercises daily can reduce pain. 

KKT Treatment

KKT Orthopedic Spine Treatment is a highly successful non-surgical way of treating pain. It gently and painlessly realigns the asymmetrical spine back to its normal position and thus eliminates the pains at various levels of the spine.

In case of chronic knee pain make an appointment with us to avail noninvasive treatment option.