Being millennials, think about your sedentary behaviors once! Screen time, driving, unwinding on a couch, playing video games, reading and what not. Whether it is the workplace or home, every activity revolves around sitting for long hours. So, is it really good for your health? NO, too much sitting down may make you the sufferer of “sitting disease”- a catchy phrase being used to define the negative impact of contemporary sedentary lifestyle.

Sitting disease has become a hot button topic for the medical professionals due to the detrimental effect it created on the health of the people. Therefore, amount of researches has proclaimed several acute problems being associated with long bouts of sitting. On the top of these problems are:

  • Muscle Degeneration

A lack of physical activity in routine life makes the muscles weak. In a long term, it affects the ability to perform daily tasks due to the decreased flexibility and stride length.

  • Low Back Pain

Slouching on a chair for a longer period of time leads to the inflexibility of spine. It puts excessive amount of pressure on the joints and muscles resulting in the chronic back pain.

  • Poor Blood Circulation

Too much sitting impedes the blood flow affecting every system of the body especially legs. Reduced blood flow causes tingling and numbness in the legs or sometimes even worse than that.

  • High Cholesterol Level

Being inactive means the gradual increase of cholesterol level in the body. This leads to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. It even causes pain in the legs due to the clogged arteries.

KKT can help you!

Sitting disease causes serious damage to the health resulting in back pain, neck pain and other spine diseases.Hence,  the longer the pain stays, the worse it becomes. It is better to look for an effective treatment.

KKT treatment used worldwide is one popular source of pain removal. It utilizes sound wave technologies to deal with any discrepancies in the backbone or neck. The KKT treatment has proven to be successful amongst serious candidates of spine problem, yet it is advisable to try to be preventive in action for the problems generated by sitting.