How KKT Technology Works

Our Technology is Unique

KKT technology utilizes unique sound wave frequencies to address core spinal distortions and disturbances. It gently and painlessly realigns the asymmetrical spine back to its normal symmetrical position. Restoring structure in turn restores the functionality by releasing undue pressures on spinal nerve roots and spinal cord and gives you back a quality of life that one has been missing. KKT’s integrated diagnostic and treatment system along with its intensive orientation places it at the forefront of medical achievement.

Our Treatments are Non-surgical and Painless

KKT Orthopedic Spine center offers a revolutionary non-surgical treatment option for victims of back pain and neck pain. It effectively restores the spine back to its symmetrical position and provides real solutions for spinal patients since restoring and maintaining a precisely tuned spine can preserve mobility and slow down or even reverse the elements of degeneration which are often related to injury and aging.

Our Spinalytics X-Ray Analysis

Spinalytics is a proprietary software program designed specifically to analyze patient x-rays, pinpoint the changes and abnormalities that lead to pain and dysfunction, and then determine an individualized treatment. Spinalytics is a crucial element of our treatment.

Specifically, it:


  • Digitally analyzes the captured structural images based on specific algorithm
  • Standardizes the critical x-ray analysis by removing subjectivity
  • Determines an individualized treatment
  • Documents changes that occur during the treatment program
  • Stores patient data for further analysis

Process of Treatment