There are several reasons behind neck pain and shoulder pain. In most cases, it is commonly caused due to an accident or injury. However, sometimes there also can be a serious medical condition behind the pain. The skull is supported by the muscles, bones, and ligaments in the neck and any abnormalities can lead to stiffness and pain in the neck. This pain can also be accompanied with:

  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Stiffness
  • Tingling
  • Soreness or spasms

Neck pain and Shoulder pain:

Sitting on the desk in the office the entire day in the same position can lead to pain in the neck. There are various precautions, gentle exercises, and home remedies to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

How to get relief from neck and shoulder pain?

Following are some of the ways for neck & shoulder pain relief:

  • Rest
  • Ice and heat therapy
  • Use the right pillow for your neck at night
  • Improve your sitting and standing posture
  • Gentle exercises and stretches for the neck and shoulders

How to prevent neck & shoulder pain?

One of the major reasons behind neck pain is bad or poor posture. In order to prevent neck pain simple daily life changes can help, for instance:

  • While working for prolonged periods of time or traveling for long distances, take short breaks in-between.
  • Keep your screen (laptop or computer) at eye level
  • Make sure you are practicing a proper posture, i.e., your shoulders, ears, and hips are aligned.
  • Avoid tucking the phone in between your ear and shoulder
  • The weight of a heavy bag on your shoulders can put a strain on your neck, so avoid lifting heavyweight.
  • While sleeping, ensure that your head, neck, and spine are aligned.

Causes of neck pain & shoulder pain:

As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons behind neck and shoulder pain. Below is the list of the most common causes behind it:

Rotator cuff injury:

Our shoulder joint consists of a group of muscles and tendons for stabilization, known as the rotator cuff. Injury, trauma, or tear in the rotator cuff can make it difficult for you to move your arm. Other major causes of rotator cuff injury include:

  • Overuse
  • Acute injury
  • Wear and tear of the joint
  • Poor posture
  • Acute tear due to a fall, injury, or while lifting a heavy object.

Whiplash injury:

Whiplash is caused due to the sudden back-and-forth movement of the head. This results in tearing muscles, ligaments, or tendons of the neck. Whiplash injury can also be caused due to physical abuse, sports-related injuries, and accidents or trauma. Other causes of whiplash injury include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Falls
  • Cycling collisions
  • Blows to the head with a heavy object

Cervical Spondylosis:

This condition refers to the wear and tear in the cervical spine affecting the joints and discs. Cervical spondylosis is an age-related condition resulting in severe pain and stiffness in the neck. Common causes of cervical spondylosis include:

  • Bone spurs
  • Herniated or slipped disc
  • Injury to the spine
  • Lifting heavy objects or repetitive movements

A pinched nerve in the neck:

The pinched nerve in the neck is also known as cervical radiculopathy. Herniated or slipped discs in the cervical spine can cause cervical radiculopathy. The pinched nerve in the neck can cause neck and shoulder pain radiating from the cervical spine down to the arm. Other symptoms of cervical radiculopathy include:

  • Pain radiating down:
    • Chest
    • Upper back

Herniated or Slipped disc:

Due to a fall or injury to the spine, the inner portion (the nucleus) bulges out, this is known as a herniated or prolapsed disc. Disc herniation is also known as a slipped disc. This bulged-out disc can compress the nerve roots causing pain, numbness, and tingling along that nerve’s pathway. Slipped disc in the neck can lead to:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Pain radiating down the arm
  • Numbness and tingling

Poor posture and sleeping position:

Do you often wake up with neck pain? Poor sleeping posture or the wrong pillow can be to blame. Moreover, sitting in an incorrect posture for prolonged time periods can also lead to neck pain as it can strain your neck muscles. Poor posture can result in stiff neck and shoulder pain as well. To prevent neck pain, practice the above-mentioned precautionary measures and improve your posture.

Frozen Shoulder:

The cause of frozen shoulder is unknown however, its major symptom includes aching or dull pain in the outer shoulder.

When to seek medical attention?

If you feel neck or shoulder pain when you wake up in the morning or any of the signs of the above-mentioned conditions consult an orthopedic specialist. KKT Orthopedic Spine Center offers a revolutionary and sophisticated Canadian technology spinal treatment. In case of neck pain, book your appointment with KKT Orthopedic Consultants and get relief from your pain without any surgery. KKT Pakistan has highly qualified orthopedic surgeons in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and other metropolitan cities across Pakistan.

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