When we talk about cervical spondylosis, a question comes across that What Is Cervical Spondylosis, symptoms and causes. This disease is one of the dangerous diseases. Neck vertebrae damage affects the entire nervous system of the body and human organs become paralyzed due to late treatment.


  • Causes include working too long with the head bowed, lifting heavy weights and doing strenuous physical exertion. Prolonged neck pain can also affect the muscles or tissues.
  • Osteophytes are formed in the workers who work for longer duration with bent neck.
  • Osteophyte cause severe stress on the cerebellum and the attached nerves.
  • The disease is related to old age and usually occurs after the age of 40, but nowadays there is a growing trend of using mobile phone, laptop & television which is the main and most common cause of cervical spondylosis in young generation.
    Improper sitting position and hard and high pillows while sleeping are also the cause of cervical stress.
  • American medical experts say that the constant loading of the head on the mobile phone tends to damage the vertebrae and reduces the gap between them and the water content in the disc lowers and it becomes dehydrated.

Symptoms include

  •  Back pain   
  • Fatigue.
  •  Numbness of the shoulders and arms, also called “frozen shoulder”.
  •  Pain or numbness in the fingers.
  • The tips of the vertebrae start to protrude or become crooked, which puts pressure on the nerves and muscles, causing pain in the back and neck.
  • The pressure is increased on the spinal cord which effects the nervous system of the body. The legs begin to weaken and the patient has difficulty while walking. There comes a time when he becomes completely disabled.
  • Like other countries in the world, the number of people suffering from this disease is increasing in Pakistan

7 things to avoid

 If you have cervical spondylosis:

  • Avoid sitting for a long time in stressful postures.
  • Avoid running and high-impact aerobics.
  • Don’t lift heavy weights on the head or back.
  • Avoid bad roads and long driving hours traveling on two or four wheelers.
  • Avoid holding the telephone on one shoulder and leaning for long time.
  • Refrain using many pillows while sleeping.
  • To turn around, don’t twist your neck or body instead, turn around moving your feet.

Cervical Spondylosis, symptoms and causes are explained to educate you about this disorder.