Everyone comes across various kinds of pain at different points in their lives. Some are short-term pain; they usually heal after a while. But the kind of pain that lasts longer than 4 months (12 weeks) is considered chronic pain. This pain usually disrupts your daily routine and activities. Chronic pain usually arises due to an underlining reason like an injury or any other medical condition. It has an effect on the social, mental, and work-life of the person. Worldwide, pain is the leading cause of disability (Global Burden of Disease Study, 2017). Continuous pain can also lead to various other health conditions like depression and anxiety, thus making your pain even worse. How do you treat chronic pain without medication? This article will give you an in-depth view of several ways to manage chronic pain.

Common causes of Chronic Pain:

Some of the common reasons for chronic pain may include:

Ways to manage Chronic Pain:

How do you manage chronic pain? Chronic pain management techniques are vital to get relief and reduce pain.

  • Be physically active (yoga & exercises)
  • Quit smoking
  • Healthy diet
  • Focus on your mental health
  • Get a massage

Be physically active:

Get going!

Exercises help in chronic pain relief but remember not to choose any exercise that can put extra strain on your joints or bones. Considering such factors following are the most suitable exercises or physical activities:

  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Relaxation exercises like breathing exercises

Being physically active helps strengthen your muscles and improves your lifestyle.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking has various negative effects on your body including worsening chronic pain, bones, heart, and lungs related disorders. It also has an impact on circulation and increases the risk of cancer.

Balanced & Healthy Diet:

A balanced diet has various benefits on the human body including weight control, decreased risk of heart disorder, and improved blood glucose levels. And all of these directly impact your chronic pain.

Focus on your mental health:

How to manage chronic pain mentally? Psychological or mental health gets affected by chronic pain and vice versa, these two often go hand in hand! These mental health conditions also result in making the patient hypersensitive to pain. Chronic pain also usually results in various mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

When to seek medical attention?

Chronic pain is when your pain persists for more than three to six months. If your pain begins to affect your daily activities like sitting, standing, walking, or your normal daily routine, you should seek professional medical attention. Considering all the above-mentioned ways is very important for chronic pain management.

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