Studies indicate that almost 50% of people with chronic lower back pain have sleep-related problems. Sleep and lower back pain are linked by the position you sleep in. It impacts your spine’s alignment. Despite the fact that sitting and standing are traditional posture-related activities, lying down also requires good posture. In this article, we will discuss some tips for sleeping comfortably with lower back pain.

Pain and stiffness in the lumbar spine may result from sleeping in a position that twists, contorts, or otherwise places pressure on the area. Although this pain may last all day, it frequently gets worse in the morning.

Find The Right Position

Can’t sleep due to lower back pain? Right sleeping positions help to lessen the pain. Sleep on your side and try a relaxation method to remove focus from the pain. Eliminate excess noise and lights from your bedroom or use earplugs for better sleep. Here are a few tips to sleep better with lower back pain:

Sleep On Your Sides for Sleeping Comfortably With Lower Back Pain

Sleeping on your side with your knees slightly bent is the ideal position for reducing lower back pain. The body is better balanced and the pressure on the lumbar spine is lessened by keeping the knees bent. For more comfort, many people find it useful to place a small pillow between their knees.

Sleep On Your Stomach

It’s difficult for many people who sleep on their back or stomach to switch positions. They can still take the following actions to sleeping comfortably with lower back pain:

Those who sleep on their stomach should only use a thin pillow under their head and a thicker pillow under their hips and tummy. This helps to avoid the lower back sinking into a U-shape that throws the spine out of alignment.

Get In and Out of Bed Carefully

While getting out of bed roll onto one side and then get up by pushing your arms upside, it will exert pressure on muscles equally and reduce the pressure on the lower back. Avoid jerking or getting up on your waist it can worsen the lower back pain. In the same way, to get in the bed lie down slowly and then roll up on your side.

Exercises that help to improve back pain

Research has shown that yoga and gentle stretches help to reduce lower back pain keep you physically active and also have proven effective for better sleep. Consult your doctor, about which stretches and exercises would not worsen your back pain and are safe to practice.

When To See Doctor

Back pain is common but you must see the doctor if:

  • Back pain began after an accident or any injury
  • If the pain gets worse and continues for more than a few days
  • Pain radiates to the legs and other parts of the body
  • You experience numbness in the lower body
  • You experience other health changes like weight loss or urinary problems
  • You have a personal history of cancer.

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