Pain along the sciatic nerves is referred to as sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs down each leg from the lower back via the hips. However, the most frequent causes of sciatica are a herniated disc or an expansion of bone pressing against a portion of the nerve. In the affected leg, this results in inflammation, discomfort, and frequent numbness. In this blog, we will see the causes, symptoms, and sciatica treatment.

What causes sciatica?

Any disorder that impacts the sciatic nerve might induce sciatica. Additionally, any of the five spinal nerves that bundle to form the sciatic nerve may be impacted by diseases.

There are several conditions that might result in sciatica.

  •  Slipped disc
  • Spinal Stenosis
  •  Spondylitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Injuries

There are many risk factors that can cause sciatica. Following are a few of those:

  1.   Normal wear and tear: As you get older, normal wear and tear on your spine can lead to pinched nerves, herniated disks, and other conditions that can cause sciatica.
  2. Obesity: The more weight you have, the more your back muscles have to work. However, that can lead to back strains, pain, and other issues.
  3. Bad Posture: Even if you’re physically fit and active, you can still be prone to sciatica if you don’t follow proper body form during weight lifting, strength training, or similar activities.
  4. Lack of physical activity: Sitting for long periods and a lack of physical activity can contribute to an increased risk of sciatica.
  5. Use of Tobacco: Nicotine use can affect circulation and increase your risk of chronic pain.

What are the 2 symptoms of sciatica?


Sciatica pain is a burning or electric shock-like sensation that shoots down the leg on the affected side. It occurs when nerves are compressed and feel pressure. Additionally, pain commonly radiates while coughing, sneezing, bending or lifting your legs, or when lying on your back. 

Numbness or tingling Sensations

When your leg often becomes numb, it may cause you to feel a needle-like sensation. It is a symptom that you might have sciatica. However, the most severe symptom of the sciatic nerve is muscle weakness. 

KKT Treatment

Sciatica treatment needs the spine should be repositioned to its correct position. Spinal misalignment is the root cause of sciatic pain in about 90 percent of the cases. KKT treatment ensures that this repositioning of the spine is done effectively, precisely, and accurately and plays an important role in stimulating the connective tissues of the spine to endorse the regeneration of cells. 


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