Nocturnal back pain or nighttime back pain makes a good night’s sleep difficult. Normally with back pain at night, while sleeping people adjust their position for sleeping comfortably, unlike nighttime back pain. This pain is different for everyone, for some people pain doesn’t start until they lie down. And for others, even making adjustments may result in upper back pain worse at ngiht. There can be various reasons behind lower back pain at night. Sleep deprivation can also contribute to back pain while lying down. With this excruciating pain, people also don’t get the rest they require.

Night Back Pain: Causes

The question is, what causes back pain at night-time? There can be various underlying reasons behind lower or middle back pain at night. It can be caused due to:

Tips to relieve Night Back Pain:

The question arises, how can I fix my back pain at night? In order to relieve the symptoms of nighttime back pain. Following are some tips for night back pain treatment at home:

  1. Apply heat
  2. Choose a firm mattress
  3. Get into regular physical activity
  4. Watch your sleeping position and pillow

Heat therapy:

Heating pads or hot showers can help your stiff muscles. It helps loosen them hence reducing pain. Make sure that the heating pad is switched off before sleep in order to avoid burns.

Choosing a firm comfortable mattress:

A wrong mattress can result in increased lower back pain when lying down. With an uncomfortable mattress comes the wrong sleeping posture, hence back pain.  There is no ‘single’ mattress that can help you relieve pain. For different people, different mattresses can help relieve pain.

For instance, a springy mattress can result in increased pain. But on the other hand, the firm mattress might also not be the best option as well. In order to get optimal firmness, replace your mattress every eight years.

Watch your sleeping posture & pillow!

Sleeping positions can be categorized into back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. There are various sleeping positions for the lower back to help relieve pain. With these sleeping positions come using the right pillows for the neck and back. Here are some of the sleeping positions along with placing the pillow:

  • Side sleepers, putting a pillow in between your legs helps
  • Back sleepers, placing the pillow under their knees defines the spine curve along with support.
  • Stomach sleepers, placing a pillow under the pelvis and under the head (optional) helps support the spine.

Get into physical activity!

Exercises and stretches strengthen your joints and bones. It also helps eliminate stress on your joints. Don’t start exercising right away, consult a specialist first. But getting regular physical activity helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

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