Muscle spasm— A sudden involuntary movement in muscles also called a muscle cramp or a twitch. 

A common cause of muscle spasms is anxiety, dehydration, nerve disorders, and thyroid problems. The muscle spasms can occur in any part of the body but often affect the calf muscle.

Muscle spasms are common and usually not cause for concern. Muscle spasm treatment is not required they usually resolve on their own. It might take a few seconds or several minutes to stop. But in a few cases with severe symptoms, a person may require muscle spasm treatment. 

What is the main cause of muscle spasms?

It is very common. Muscle spasm symptoms occur in the arms, hands, feet, abdomen, intercoastal muscles (muscles around the rib cage), and thighs. Mostly the calf muscles are pinpointed for muscle spasms. 

Athletes, experience it more often when they exercise in hot conditions or exercise without warm-up. It can also be experienced by:

  • Older adults 
  • People with overweight or obesity
  • Pregnant women 
  • People with diabetes

What is the most common treatment for muscle spasms?

When someone is experiencing muscle spasms following actions may give some relief: 

  • Stretch out the muscle by standing or moving the limb or foot.
  • Firmly but gently pull the toes and the foot upward to the front of the leg.
  • Repeat these movements until the cramping eases and stops.

How do doctors treat muscle spasms?

You must see a doctor if you experience pain in the back, neck, or head. Muscle weakness, numbness, pins-and-needles tremors paralysis are the conditions when treatment for muscle spasms is required. 

For muscle spasm treatment the doctor might ask about the conditions when and what actually happens then further analyze the condition with report findings.

What deficiency causes muscle cramps?

The main causes of muscle spasms and joint discomfort are a lack of vitamin D and calcium. Knowing your body’s vitamin levels is crucial so you may take supplements, add unique nutrients to your diet, and, most critically, seek medical attention if necessary.

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