You know how much significant your shoulders are? When you have to carry your favorite backpack for traveling, your shoulders are the ones that actually help you out. Even when you are tired of grabbing the handbag’s strap in your hand, you just smoothly place it on your shoulder. Our shoulders bear burden every now and then but have you ever imagined that they might get injured? No, you haven’t!
Our shoulders encompass rotator cuff muscles that assist in stabilization. Many of us suffer from rotator cuff injury which is sometimes quite severe. But the point is, you don’t have to be worried. Just focus on some of the rotator cuff symptoms right now then we will give you the ultimate solution!

  • Is there any dull ache in the shoulder?
  • Are you feeling arm weakness?
  • Is it difficult for you to reach your back?
  • Is there swelling in the front of your shoulder?
  • Is your sleep disturbed?

If the answer to these questions is yes then that’s the rotator cuff pain. Now here are some of the easy-peasy remedies for you!

Rest Is The Best!
Keep in mind, this rule is only for rotator cuff patients! You really have to take plenty of rest. Sleep well and let your affected shoulder feel relaxed.

Applying Ice – Because It Always Works!
Now move to this step! Ice is beneficial because it works quite well for different sorts of acute injuries. Try to do this ice therapy every hour. Swelling will be reduced by ice application.

Light Shoulder Stretches
For relieving muscle tension, you have to perform some light exercises. Stretch your arms a bit and move your shoulders. But please avoid complicated and tough exercise steps for now.

Strengthen Your Shoulders
Your arm is weak right now so you have to strengthen it. Muscle strengthening exercises are required here. You have to be very careful. To perform safely, it is best to hire a personal trainer.

Sometimes such remedies don’t work properly. You need an expert advice and trained doctors to treat your rotator cuff injury. We are lucky to have KKT in Pakistan. This Orthopedic Spine Center offers non-invasive treatments with advanced technology which is not seen anywhere else in Pakistan. KKT Pakistan has branches in various cities. Just view the contact details and call to get the best consultancy.