Degenerative disc disease– abbreviated as DDD is caused by wear and tear in vertebral discs. However, it is a normal part of aging. Furthermore, spinal discs act as shock absorbers and help to move and bend. Unfortunately, with time these discs undergo some changes due to injuries and cause pain, and numbness.

Furthermore, precautions can be taken to avoid chronic conditions of disc degeneration. However, the process can be delayed with a healthy lifestyle. 

Can disc degeneration be prevented?

Degenerative disc disease is a slow process. It takes time to become a chronic condition. However, many things can be done to lower the risk of progression of DDD.

  • Stop smoking,
  • Be active and exercise daily to increase strength and flexibility.
  • While lifting heavy weights, lift them with proper mechanics to avoid stressing the spine and discs.
  • Maintain healthy body weight.
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Use vitamin supplements to maintain healthy bone structure (with doctor’s recommendation only).

Disc degenerative treatment is done by repositioning the spine into a symmetrical position. However, it can be treated with surgery but nowadays, alternate solutions are also present. 

How do I stop disc degeneration?

Intervertebral discs cushion the stress when the spine bears weight, and help the spine to bend. With time people get older, repeated activities stress the spine, and minor injuries, damage the discs.  Major Disc degenerative causes include:

  • Fluid loss: A young adult in good health may have up to 90% of their intervertebral discs made of fluid. The disc gets thinner as it gets older because its fluid content drops. The intervertebral disc’s cushioning or shock-absorbing capacity decreases with decreasing distance between them.
  • Disc structure: The outer layer of the disc experiences microscopic rips or fissures. A bulging or rupturing disc may become visible as a result of the soft and gelatinous material in the interior part seeping through the rips or fractures. Disc fragments could break off.

You cannot stop the disc degeneration process but it can be delayed by quitting smoking, drinking, keeping yourself active, and doing some exercise for strength, and flexibility.

How I cure my degenerative disc disease naturally?

Disc degeneration can be cured naturally up to a certain limit. However, being overweight and obese increases the chances of disc degeneration which can be limited by maintaining a healthy weight. 

  • Physical Therapy: Strengthening and stretching activities under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional constitute physical therapy. 
  • Medications: can be used to reduce inflammation and pain in the area around your joints, discs, and spinal nerves.

KKT Treatment 

KKT treatment addresses the root cause of the disease and arrests the progression of the disease, relieves pain, and improves joint function by repositioning the asymmetrical spine back to its normal symmetrical position. The devastating effects of the disease can be successfully managed with a combination of KKT treatment, specialized exercise programs, and lifestyle modifications.

The KKT treatment also plays an integral role in exciting the connective tissues of the spine to endorse the regeneration of cells.

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