Back pain is highly common. Not just oldies but youngsters are also suffering from this agony. Slipped disc or car accidents are not the only causes, there are lots of other reasons that include the simple everyday activities.

Bending in a wrong way


Back Pain Common Causes Bending


Bending in a wrong way can also cause back pain. Many of us bend from waist and hips rather than the knees. This makes the muscles uncomfortable and makes them to stretch. This ultimately puts strain on muscles and hence discs between vertebrae move back.

Standing for longer period of time


Back Pain Common Causes Standing


It is always hard to stand for longer period of time. Not just our legs but your back also starts hurting once you stand for hours. It is always healthy to take breaks and let your body to relax.

Drive for longer periods of time without break


Back Pain Common Causes Drive


Same is the situation with driving. If you will drive while sitting in one position, your back muscles will stiffen up and will lead to pain and muscle spasm. Intervals for almost 30 minutes are apt. You can go out and stretch a bit. Also, do not place wallets or mobile phones while you are driving. Sit close to the steering wheel and keep your back aligned against the back of your seat.

To watch television while lying down


Back Pain Common Causes TV


This activity is fun. You are lying down, in your cozy bed, with comfortable blanket and watching your favorite movie. But you know what this can do to your back? It can cause pain. This is because when you lift your head in order to watch the television, it generates contractions and your shoulders and back start hurting.

To use mobile while lying down


Back Pain Common Causes Mobile


Viewing the feeds and texting your friends before you go to sleep, this is not that important. Looking at mobile phone lets your neck and shoulders to move forward. Your back muscles get weaker and front muscles get tighter which results in back pain.

To keep wallet in back pocket while sitting down


Back Pain Common Causes Wallet


This creates an asymmetry and ultimately distorts your hips and pelvis. This unevenness can further lead to neck and back problems.

Medical causes of back pain:


  • Sciatica
  • Slipped disc
  • Broken bone in spine
  • Infection
  • Cancer
  • Ankylosing spondylitis

Risk factors of back pain


Aging: People over age 30 or 40 are at higher risk of back pain as well as neck pain. They are more likely to have disc-related problems.

Genes: Most of the spinal disorders that result in back pain seems to have an inherited component.

Obesity: More weight, means more stress on back and joints.

Smoker: Smoking blocks the delivery of enough nutrients to your back which leads to pain.

Work in sedentary environment: Lack of exercise eventually increases the severity of back pain.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain


  • Maintaining good eating habits are quite beneficial because you can then maintain healthy weight and hence less stress will be placed on your body.
  • Maintain proper posture. Sit and stand straight. Do not sit for longer period of time. Break up longer periods of time in front of computer system with stretching.
  • Reduce stress. Constant tension can tense your muscles. Try deep breathing, yoga or meditation.

When to Seek Treatment from Doctor?

If the above preventive tips are not working for you and your pain has reached the extreme of its severity level, then there is the need to consult KKT. Just dial the contact number or visit the website for more details.