A lot of people experience neck pain at some time in their life. There are a number of causes including slouching, text neck, and poor posture. Do you wake up with neck pain? Maybe, your pillow is to blame. Pillow provides your neck support and aligns the neck with your spine while sleeping. It also keeps your head and neck comfortable and in the right position to prevent strain. A pillow that is not too old or flat is better for the neck. Wrong neck pillow support can result in worsened neck problems or stiffness. Choosing the right pillow for the neck is important based on your sleeping position. How should I sleep if my neck hurts? This article gives you a detailed analysis of choosing the right pillow for neck pain.

Pillow for Neck Pain:

But how to choose the best pillow for neck pain? Here is a list down of sleeping positions and right pillows for them:

Back Sleepers – Fairly low pillow

For people who sleep on their back, using a fairly low-positioned pillow is the better option. If you need extra support, add a round towel or rod-shaped pillow to help. For back sleepers, putting the pillow under the knees can also be comfortable. This minimizes the strain on your lower back.

Side Sleepers – Higher pillow

People sleeping on their side, are advised to put their pillow higher to provide support to the neck and head. This position keeps the two aligned with shoulders. Put a rod-shaped pillow or rolled towel under your neck as well. If you require additional support, place a pillow between your knees.

Stomach sleepers – Flat pillow

Sleeping on the stomach puts stress on your neck makes your back arch. This is why switching your sleeping position is better. If not possible then either put a flat pillow or no pillow at all under your neck. This puts lesser stress on your neck and back.

Sleeping while sitting – Horseshoe-Shaped Pillow

Sleeping while sitting in a car, plane, or anywhere else. These horseshoe-shaped pillows provide your neck and back with support. Can’t sleep in the same position? These pillows are specifically designed for both, side sleepers as well as back sleepers.

In order to maintain a proper posture, the correct pillow is important specific to each position. Your neck and back need support. This is why choosing the right pillow for neck pain and keeping the correct posture is important. The moment you feel uncomfortable or pain due to your pillow, replace it! In the end, it all comes down to where your pain is located and the pillow you’re comfortable in.