Back pain caused by pregnancy is quite common. As the baby grows inside your body, the discomfort increases as the months go on. The weight changes and hormonal changes in your body contribute highly to your back pain. This affects your posture and puts a strain on your back which is quite uncomfortable and it disturbs your sleep and the activities you might be involved during day time.

Posterior pelvic pain and Lumbar pain are quite common among pregnant women. The Lower back pain during early pregnancy usually gets worse as you move forward with your pregnancy, but it can be handled with a few tips. The back pain might continue after your deliver the baby, This Postpartum Back Pain takes a few months to vanish.

Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy

  • Increased Hormones
  • Change in Center of Gravity
  • Excess Weight
  • Poor Posture
  • Tension

Posterior Pelvic Pain

The pain that originates from the back of your pelvis. You might feel this pain at the back of your thighs or on both sides of your buttocks. This pain can start when you are walking, climbing the stairs, lifting heavy objects, Getting up from the floor or when you change your sleeping position.

Lumbar Back Pain

Lumbar back pain occurs above the posterior pelvic pain. This pain is quite similar to the lower back pain that you might have felt before you conceived. This pain can be felt across your waist. When you stand and sit for longer period of times this triggers this pain and you feel completely exhausted.

Do I have Sciatica?

It is very uncommon for pregnant women to develop sciatica during pregnancy, Sciatica is usually caused by a bulging disk in the lower part of spine. The symptom to identify if you have sciatica during back pain is that your leg pain is going to very severe, You will feel numbness and pins and needles feeling.

An aching back during pregnancy is nothing to worry about, you just need to take care of your body and change your lifestyle a bit, to remove the back pain. Having twins also increase the chances of back pain.

Relieving Lower Back Pain

After a long hard day at work with severe back pain, All you want to do is just get in bed and stay there for longer periods of time. This is actually harmful for your back pain. You need to get out of bed and exercise for the pain to go away quickly.

Always consult with your doctor about how much or if any exercise you should be doing, because every pregnancy is different.

Walking, Swimming, Stretching, Weight training and pelvic tilts all are included in this. You don’t have to do all of the above exercises, you just need to modify your workout routine according to your need and how much exercise you should be incorporating in your routine. Stop exercising the moment you feel that something is not right or something hurts. Contact your doctor straight away.

Posture Correction

As your body changes, standing straight becomes a bit of a problem. Try standing straight, don’t slouch.

If you work at an office and sit in a chair all day, Try sitting straight. Put a small support beneath your feet for an extended support.

Don’t stand for longer periods of time, try alternating it by sitting or laying down.

Wear shoes that provide you ultimate comfort.

Don’t try lifting heavy objects, if you really have try bending at your knees and then picking up the heavy object.

Pamper Yourself

  • Hot or Cold Therapy
  • Relaxing Techniques
  • Massages
  • Physical Therapy

Lower Back Pain Serious during Pregnancy

Suffering from back pain for more than 14 days contact your doctor, he can assist you with what is going on with your body. If you are suffering from these problems, your doctor is the answer:

  • Your back pain is getting stronger.
  • You are suffering from fever along with back pain.
  • Numbness of legs.
  • Weakness.

Exercises for Back Pain During Pregnancy

1- Seated Tick Tocks

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Join your arms and extend overhead. Move side to side in a comfortable manner.

Back Pain Pregnancy Seated Tick Tocks

2- Stretch

Try balancing on one leg. Place your ankle over your knee. Try doing a squat in this position. Hold this position.

Back Pain Pregnancy Stretch

3- Squat and Twist

Keep your legs in a squat position and move your torso from side to side.

Back Pain Pregnancy Squat Twist

4- Bridges

Lay down on a flat comfortable surface. Place your hands flat and form a glutes bridge.

Back Pain Pregnancy Bridges

5- Child’s pose

Sit your butt back and put all your legs and arms down creating a child’s pose.

Back Pain Pregnancy Child's Pose

When to Seek Treatment from a Doctor?

If your back pain during pregnancy is becoming severe and persistent and is interfering with daily activities then there is the need of visiting KKT. KKT treats pain without surgery and medication. Hence, book your appointment now at