Majid Ali

Majid Ali, an Accounts Executive is an important part of the passionate team at KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Pakistan. With strong interpersonal skills, Majid provides support to all accounts managers and ensures clear and smooth communication in financial matters among all departments.

Majid is responsible for dealing with sensitive matters like managing patient-specific reimbursement issues. He proactively reviews accounts and financial performance. This includes maintaining and fostering positive client relations by offering them support and keeping an eye on budgeting and invoicing. He looks into customer complaints, investigates problems and may come up with solutions or recommendations for the management. To do so, he continuously updates his understanding of customers changing clinical issues/challenges and remains in tune with their needs.

Majid has around six years of work experience. Previously, he served as a National Savings Officer in the National Savings Organization, Sindh. The job gave him a strong background in project management. During his time at the organization, his work discipline helped him cope with the challenges- a trait that is valued in his current role at KKT.

Working as an Accounts Executive in the healthcare industry is a demanding job, but Majid enjoys the challenges it brings his way and finds it stimulating. He has a solid understanding of the healthcare operations as well as the internal management system at KKT. The key factor his role demands is someone who can be trusted to work with precision and has the ability to find solutions. Majid fulfills this by employing an action-oriented approach to achieve results in a timely manner, meeting the company standards in doing so. He is a team player and having a flexible approach gives him the edge to handle work pressure in an efficient way.

Majid is widely trusted for the ethical standards he maintains. He has demonstrated the ability to communicate well with co-workers, supervisors and other clinical professionals. His commitment to his personal and professional grooming has helped him achieve goals for himself as well as the company.


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October 23, 2017