Blessed Month of Ramadan – Follow these tips!

The Holy Month of Ramadan is the time to focus on your prayers and get closer to God. This month brings us many blessings. We focus on giving more charity, being more kind to people around us and helping others in need, but the majority of the focus is on eating unhealthily in Ramadan and spending huge amounts of money on things that we don’t even need. Fried foods, baked goods, and sugary sweets are constant on our table. After fasting for a whole day our body is rushed with high sugar and salt content. Make a vow to yourself that you will start eating better and healthier for your body so that you can focus more on spiritual blessings than stuffing ourselves with foods that are not even good for us. The key point to remember is “ Moderation”. Indulging in sweets and fried foods in moderation are going to be harmful to your body but not as much if you just go for it.


Try following a few tips to have a happy healthy Ramadan:



In this scorching heat, surviving a 16 hour long fast is quite a challenge. The first healthy step you can take is that you start drinking more water. After you break your fast you start drinking 2 glasses of water every hour or so because gobbling down a whole bottle of water at Suhoor is just going to disrupt your sleep and of course multiple visits to the loo. You can also have fruit and vegetable juices to stay hydrated and avoid caffeine.


Moderate use of Sugar and Salt

Did you ever notice that you are hit with extreme bad moods after iftar? Your breath smells bad during fast? Your eyes look puffy? This is all because of the high content of sugar in our drinks and high content of salt in our food. Stay away from eating junk food in Ramadan. It is only going to make you feel bloated and make you extremely lazy which results in lagging behind at Taraweeh Prayers.


Slow and Steady Eating

The more slowly we eat the more signal our brain catches that we have eaten the food, this all results in increased level of satisfaction. Being a mindful eater means that you will lose a few pounds, you will eat healthily and it will also improve your digestion. The thing to remember is that being full and feeling satisfied after having your meal are two very different things.


Invest in a good tongue cleaner

Brushing only our teeth is not good enough, there are several microorganisms living in our mouth and they eat what we eat so in order to get a clean mouth you need to buy a tongue cleaner. This will help in eliminating bad breath and there is no residue left in your mouth, Improve digestion and have healthy gums. Invest in one and notice positive changes yourself.


Have a Healthy Wallet

Do you constantly ask yourself this question, “Why did I spend my money on this?”  Feeling regret after spending your money is the worst feeling ever. Ramadan is the best month to spend more towards better actions. Don’t waste your time in shopping malls and fall for the Buy one, get one free deal. Perform actions that are going to make you feel satisfied and happy. Save money and spend on something meaningful.


Relaxing The Mind and The Body

Keeping your mind free from worries and tensions during this month is going to help you be more focused on your prayers and Dua. Keeping the body relaxed by having a bath with Epsom salts or having a hot shower is going to prepare you for Taraweeh Prayers and Qiyyam.


Make Peace

Peace of mind, peace of body and peace in life are the most important things in an individual’s life. Make amends with friends and family who you are not talking to. Forgive people around you this will only help you achieve an amazing level of peace.


Follow these tips and make your Ramadan a meaningful one.