Life is something God has given us to live. But for those patients, who are in pain due to any deformity or disability, is hard to enjoy the life. Here are some facts and figures which will tell you that it’s not only you who are in pain but others too.

Since late 1990s the disability associated with low back pain is consistently increasing.

  • Pain is the biggest financial strain in north America. Every year they spent 100 Billion Dollars to manage the pain.
  • In Canada OPIOIDS are prescribed to every other patient.
  • Now a days OPIOIDs abuse is among leading causes of deaths.
  • Every 1 in 5 British Colombian lives with the chronic pain.

Pain is nothing but the alarming system of our body which says Danger! Danger! If you try to turn off this system by using painkillers they will kill you at the end.

KKT is here to tell you that make the pain your friend, to reboot the understanding of pain. Try to deal with it because by using pain you can deal with every disease that comes to your way.

What causing pain:

If you are the person feeling pain, then don’t worry about it. Most of pains are just the signals which our brain gives us in conditions like stress, anxiety, fear, avoidance, helplessness, hopelessness and due to atmospheric changes. But it can be due to some serious causes like imbalance of your spine, postural disability, scoliosis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis, sprain, strain, degenerative changes, flat back, disc herniation and sciatic pain.

What to do with pain:

Just let the pain settle on its own if there is no pathological cause of it. If the pain prolongs come to us we will tell you the best possible treatment for your pain.

Remember “More Is Not Necessarily Better”. We suggest don’t rest for long period of time. Don’t take too much time in bed due to pain because that will cause more pain. Myths are there which tell the patients to not bend if there is back pain we say you do every task. Don’t keep yourself limited in movement. That will make your pain worse and will limit your movement more.

Here in KKT your root cause is treated which will automatically lessen your pain. We say “Motion Is Lotion for your pain”. It will correct the curves of your spine and you will be pain free. This is what actually KKT does with its patients. We correct the disturbed twists and curves of the spine and you will feel no pain.

Our Focus:

Our focus is to keep you active for your ADLs. ADLs (activity of daily life) are very important to keep your spine normal as it is naturally designed. It has the strongest joints and the most stable too. We don’t allow our patients to take the medicine. Because we make their bodies to produce the OPIOIDs naturally. If you run for 10 miles your brain generates OPIOIDs that’s equal to 10mg morphine. So keep exercising as it is the most powerful drug.

KKT Provides:

KKT has most powerful technique of treating the pain caused by all the issues of spine. We are using the finest quality Quantum Sound Waves. Which just provide the manipulations to the disturbed vertebrae and take it to its normal position. No surgery, no medication and you are free from pain.

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Pain can be changed pain can be reduced and people can lead healthy and pain free life.