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What our patient says about us

I was really depressed before KKT’s treatment. Medicines were just effecting temporarily but I needed a proper solution. One of my relatives suggested to try this Orthopedic Spine Center and now I am really glad I did it. KKT’s treatment is unique and quite effective.

Aleem Ahmed

I just wanted to get rid of my pain. I couldn’t even walk properly before treatment. Eventually my son brought me here. I liked the environment of KKT. Everyone was so humble and professional. I soon realized the pain is vanishing from my body. I feel so content and healthy now.

Zakia Shahid

Hockey was my passion but during a game, I injured myself so badly that I was afraid that I couldn’t play hockey again. Doctors said that there wouldn’t be any treatment of this injury. Thanks to KKT. Now I can pursue my career without any pain.

Muhammad Tousiq Arshad